BitWise Project Editor - Innovate

Pre-programmed page flips

32 bit .png transparent icons & buttons

Simple and easy to configure source pages

Templates pay for themselves after one job

Unlimited lifetime usage license

Download your templates right away

Full feedback demo files available

We have developed a pair of full feedback demos for the iPad & iPhone / iPod Touch that will allow to you view the most commonly used pages so you can get a feel for the UI navigation. Page flips and popups are fully programmed.

Simply download the demo file, then send the iPad or iPhone demo (.pebun) file to your email address that can be opened / viewed on your device as an attachment. Simply touch the attachment on your device and follow the steps to load the demo UI.

*Note - You will need to have the Bitwise Touch app installed on your device before you can load the file for testing.


iPad & iPhone / iPod Touch demo files

Pre-bundled (.pebun files)




iPhone / iPod Touch Template (all models)

(Portrait orientation only)




iPad Template (all models)

4 templates included

Portrait Only - Landscape Only - Dual Orientation Pre made client demo (Load & go sales tool)




iOS Template Package

iPad & iPhone / iPod Touch



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