Crestron VTPro-e Smart Graphics Templates  - Arriving Soon

We are going back to where it all began for our company in 2004. We started with a single Crestron template named Elegance, which was very simple by today's standards, and used all bitmap (non transparent images). Our very popular Aleera template design is being completely re-done to be compatible with Crestron Smart Graphics and should be ready for Spring 2018.

These templates will allow for more flexibility than ever before. All buttons will be 9-Slice scalable and will allow for quick editing with a single set of scalable icon overlays. We are working hard to finish them, and we will support iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) along with several smart graphic enabled touch panel resolutions.

We are very excited to bring Crestron back to our lineup and these will be the most customizable templates we have ever created. Feel free to contact us with any questions in the mean time.


In progress screenshot (iPad Landscape)

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