CommandFusion - iViewer Templates

Use custom photos & wallpaper

32 bit .png transparent icons & buttons

Simple and easy to configure source pages

Templates pay for themselves after one job

Unlimited lifetime usage license

Download your templates right away



Click play to view the CommandFusion iViewer demo of our new iFusion template running on the Apple iPad.

(Updated video with new graphics coming soon)







Additional template features

One set of source popups for landscape and portrait pages for button continuity (included on iPad and iPhone versions) - All activity icons, buttons and page icons are pre-loaded in the button library (except channel favorite buttons) - Multiple background colors and themes included and are easily selectable from the library in both orientations - All buttons & activities for side menus can be used for both orientations - All new activity icons for new products such as 3D flat panels, 3D Blu Ray players and many popular streaming services - All new semi transparent source control buttons allow for absorption of background image & colors - Pre-made pages for popular sources and video game consoles - Expandable swipe menus included for activities pages, iPod 2 way control and quick launch menu (iPad) - Streamlined and commonly designed source page layouts allow for quick and easy creation of new source pages via cut and paste - Extra buttons in different sizes included with iPhone template for custom page creation -  iPhone template uses the entire screen for most source control layouts and side menu navigation - Guest friendly and easy to understand with no prior experience - 200+ Activity icons and all new pages included for theater control - 3200+ favorite channel icons in two sizes made specifically for each template - All icon & button graphics are 32 bit transparent PNG

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