Introducing Aleera for Leviton / Bitwise Control. Our goal was to revolutionize and simplify the residential and commercial user experience by designing an entirely new graphic library that can be used to create stunning user interfaces while maintaining a very contemporary look and feel. We decided a "flat" interface does not have to be boring, so we improved many aspects of the design over time, including our new transparent PhotoView UI, which allows you to easily theme your designs with custom photos & wallpapers. Aleera for Leviton / Bitwise is the only template collection available which includes matching designs for the OmniTouch 7 and Apple / iOS devices.

We looked for solutions to simple issues when dealing with a "flat" user inferface, such as being able to view and distinguish white 2D icons in an external folder, so they can easily be added to Project Editor. We decided to give every icon a semi transparent drop shadow that allows the images to be quickly viewed when browsing, but it also gives them the illusion of floating above the the rest of the user interface. We spent the last few months testing and refining the smallest details of Aleera to get it ready for prime time. During our testing phase we also took the opportunity to update our activity, room, and preset channel collections with the most recent products and additions. Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to contact us with questions you may have.

Individual Templates


Single project (800 x 480)

OmniTouch 7 in-wall / tabletop

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iPhone Template (Portrait only)

640 x 1136 for iPhone 5 / 5S / 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+ (Also compatible with most Android 16 : 9 phones)

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iPad Template (Landscape only)

Compatible with all iPad models including 1st generation all the way through the new iPad Pro. No scaling required, simply upload to your device.

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Template Package



OmniTouch 7 & iOS Devices

 Complete Aleera template suite for OmniTouch 7, Apple iPhone, and iPad.

3 templates included



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