RTI Commercial UX - All new KX10 resolution added

Introducing Ellipsis, a brand new template designed specifically for bar and restaurant control. Multiple TVs and audio zones require a completely different approach than a residential touch panel because there are often multiple video feeds going to several TVs simultaneously with a completely separate audio feed that needs to be able to play any cable-sat receiver or licensed music separately.

Our new commercial UX allows for custom arrangements of TVs and audio zones to match the actual layout, so the end user can easily identify which TV or zone they are controlling without the need for labels or rows and rows of text based buttons.

All systems are one touch away with our integrated systems menu and you can even change backgrounds directly on the touch panel. We have integrated spaces for company logos and splash pages that can be used as a simple wallpaper to hide the system pages when the panel is not in use.

Our weather integration allows you to bring up real time MJPEG maps from any site that supports them, simply by copying and pasting the map URL into the provided ID objects. Many restaurants and bars have outdoor areas that need to be prepared for inclement weather before it arrives.

Be sure to check out the You Tube video below for a demonstration

New features added for v1.1 update

We have added all new pages for matrix video walls & IP controlled power management / power conditioners. Pages for 2 x 2 all the way up to 6 x 6 TV video wall setups are included. We have also updated the included demo project so you can show prospective clients how easy it can be to control their setup. Just load the demo and show it as is. 


Special note to integrators: This template requires advanced programming that includes showing and hiding of flags (by assigning variables) for certain items to appear properly via macros. This file should only be purchased by advanced integrators who have been formally trained to use Integration Designer. The included demo will show you how the UI is designed to flow for ease of use.

This template is not designed for residential systems as it contains control pages for sources typically found only in commercial systems.


Ellipsis UX commercial template project for iPad / iPad Mini & iPad Pro and the new RTI KX10

iPad is landscape orientation only @ 1024x768

View the video above for a demonstration



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