Dynaudio Cinema Master Theater Experience


When the opportunity arose to be an integral part of the Dynaudio Cinema Master Theater Experience at CEDIA 2017, we jumped at the chance.  Dynaudio asked us to create a new / alternate logo for their home theater speaker line knows as "Dynaudio Cinema Master". We were directed to incorporate current Dynaudio text logo, while at the same time, giving it a cinema look and feel. In the end, it was a simpler, understated version that was chosen. The logo you see below is not as simple as it appears. The filmstrip frame thickness was taken into account for reproducing the logo at small sizes. The sprocket holes on either side are perfectly aligned to the Dynaudio logo text (top) and Cinema Master text (bottom). Even a small deviation alters the entire feel of the logo.


Dynaudio wanted to mark the VIP event and CEDIA demo with a special item needed to get into the custom built theater room. They asked us to create the artwork for a custom printed 40oz popcorn cup that would handed out at the booth, and the entry ticket was placed inside. You could fill your cup with fresh popcorn right before entering the demo. They asked us to incorporate all of the logos from the supporting partners, which included Datasat, the Russ Berger Design Group, JL Audio, Barco, EPV Screens, and Wireworld.

The end result was mastered at 600dpi, which is twice the resolution required by the printers for a razor sharp image. The color and contrast were amazing and it appeared almost identical to the graphic when viewed on an LCD screen. The left and right edges were purposely faded to black to ensure a perfect transition at the seam of the cup.


The image on the left was submitted as a mockup to show how the graphic will appear on the cup after printing, and the image on the right is an actual photo of the cup. The color reproduction and detail was spot on.


We found out that the theater demo was going to be prefaced by a 2 minute audio intro explaining the new Dynaudio speaker line and thanking the supporting partners for all their help. The intro was originally going to play as audio only before the demo started, then it was decided that some background music would be added to help make it more interesting. When they realized the audio demo would be playing to either a blank screen or simply a static Dynaudio logo, we offered to take things to the next level. The final audio and background music was delivered in lossless audio, and we started creating graphics to coincide with music and audio cues.

Eventually, it became a fully realized video that was time aligned perfectly to the accompanying into. You can view the intro in its entirety below. The custom 2 minute score for the background music was composed by Hans Zimmer.


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