Compatible with HAI HTX2, Ness Genie & Push Controls

We are proud to introduce all new graphics collection for Bitwise Controls Project Editor named Elements. There are over 30 pages of virtual lighting, virtual remotes, volume sliders and graphics for two way feedback such as Lutron motion sensors, toggles, and much more.

There are two files included (.bwe and .grl) and additional folders for customization. We have included a set of 129 room icons for our multi-zone control pages and a complete set of Philips Antumbra icons in both black and white. All of our Philips and Lutron virtual lighting / shade controllers can be customized to match any layout.

Virtual remotes include Roku (3 versions), NowTV, AppleTV (new design), Boxee, Prima Cinema, Amazon FireTV, and the new XBOX One Media remote. All you need to do is select what you need from any page, then cut & paste them into your projects.


Bitwise Elements

 32 pages included for ultimate customization of your projects

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