RTI - Laser Shark Icon Collection


Introducing our all new Laser Shark icon collection. We have created 375 individual icons that can be imported directly into RTIs Laser Shark button engraving software along with a companion project file which contains virtual versions of the keypads. You can now have an exact copy of the RK1+ keypads on your touch panels. The virtual keypads come in pre-made iPad Retina, iPad Standard and KX7 / CX7 projects, so you can cut / paste them to just about any RTI project, regardless of resolution.

We have already converted the Laser Shark icons to 2 color bitmaps @ 432 x 362 pixels, so all you need to do is browse the included folder and add the images to your buttons. We have also included an identical library for the virtual versions in all three keypad button sizes and both colors (black / white) for duplicating your keypads in Integration Designer.

We have set up an all new email address for custom requests and ideas for future additions. Simply click on the following link: Laser Shark Requests


Version 1.3 update added

375 Laser Shark Icons & Pre-made Virtual RK1+ Keypad Project File

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