Introducing Aleera for RTI Integration Designer Apex. We went to great lengths to completely transform our popular Aleera templates for ID9 by replacing the entire library with all new 9-Slice scalable button graphics and icon overlays. We wanted to keep the look an aesthetics of the original design while incorporating all of the new graphics capabilities of Apex.

You can literally resize any button, replace the 2 state button image and swap out the icon overlay for anything and everything. We created an all new UHD graphics library, so you can create projects up to native 4K and still not hit the size limit for the included icons.

9-Slice technology allows for all of the core buttons we used to build the main interface to stretch infinitely without resizing the corner radius. This also allows for a completely universal set of graphics to be used on everything from the 2 series handhelds all the way up to QuadHD android displays and on up to 4K if needed.

Aleera for Apex is the most flexible and complete template designed for home automation software on the planet. The possibilities and options are endless.

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Click the icon on the left to download our new Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks file. This file will show you how to merge pages from the master template files into your working projects for Integration Designer Apex. It only take s a few seconds and functions similar to the built in Page Wizard.

Individual Templates


4 projects in one file (240 x 320)

T2i - T2X - KX2 - Pro 24z

Screenshot gallery arriving soon




2 projects in one file (480 x 800)

KX3 in-wall & T3X handheld

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2 projects in one file (800 x 480)

KX7 in-wall - CX7 multi-mount

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2 projects in one file (1280 x 800)

KX10 in-wall - CX10 multi-mount

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RTiPanel iPhone & Android Scalable Phone Template

640 x 1096 for 5th gen iPod Touch - iPhone (all models) Android template is 640 x 1096 but allows for scaling to larger resolutions up to4K

Screenshot gallery arriving soon




RTiPanel iPad Template

2048 x 1496 landscape for iPad (all models)

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Android & Kindle Fire Tablet Templates

2 templates in one file - 1280 x 800 landscape for Kindle Fire HD 6 - 8 -10 & select Android tablets. 2560 x 1600 quad HD for select Samsung,  Kindle HDX 8.9 & other high end tablets.

Screenshot gallery arriving soon




XP-8v - HDMI out OSD Overview Page

Single page 1920 x 1080 completely configurable and expandable template. This template is included with every single template and template package purchase.

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Included with every template purchase

Please note: If you purchase a single template or package and decide you would like to upgrade to the entire Aleera suite at a later date, just contact us when you are ready to do so, and we will set it up so you only pay the difference in cost. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Template Packages


Standard RTI Remotes

T2i T2X KX2 Pro24z T3X KX3 KX7 CX7 KX10 CX10

10 templates included




Mobile Devices

 Landscape template for iPad (All models) & iPhone (all models) & 5th generation iPod Touch, plus Android & Kindle Fire HD tablet templates

4 templates included



Complete Aleera Apex Suite

All RTI handheld / in-wall templates and iOS package for iPad & iPad Mini / iPhone / iPod Touch plus Android & Kindle Fire HD tablet templates

14 templates in total


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