URC Total Control Icon Collection

Simple copy & paste into URC Accelerator directories 

670 dual state activity icons & 150 dual state room / zone icons

Direct integration with Total Control Accelerator

Drag and drop our custom icons directly on to your pages with both states pre-programmed.

(Click on the image to view a full size screenshot)

Pre-sized icons for iPad & iPhone - Android Tablet & Phone - TKP-2000 - TKP-7000

TRC-820 - TRC-1080 - TRC-1280 - TKP-5500 now included

When you hover over either side of the graphic above to click on the gallery links (PC browsers only), the pressed / active state of the icons will be displayed. Both states are semi-transparent to allow the background color / image to show through.


Total Control Activity & Zone Icon Collection

7 sizes included - custom tailored for each remote Drag & drop dual state buttons




Total Control Preset Channel Icons

1550 Preset TV Channel & 270 Sirius XM icons

Click here to view Total Control screenshot example for viewing and using the preset channel icons


$49 Free

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